Eureka Welcomes Bonanza Steak & BBQ

Eureka Welcomes Bonanza Steak & BBQ
December, 2015
By Michael Kircher via The Eureka-Pacific Current News Magazine

I think Eureka likes their new Bonanza. After opening on Monday November 9th for what they called their “soft opening,” on Thursday when they had the ribbon cutting, local diners arrived in droves. Over the weekend, you could hardly get on the parking lot.

The Bonanza Steak & BBQ is a new era for the iconic restaurant chain. According to Homestyle Dining LLC President and CEO Tom Sacco, this is “a new breed of casual steakhouse that offers quality, flavor and ambiance at a value not found elsewhere.”

CEO Tom Sacco is a high energy, exuberant guy. He can quickly make friends with you, make a joke, all the while inspecting your food to make sure it meets his high standards. He is passionate about his restaurants.

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On comeback trail, Bonanza sheds its Western image

On comeback trail, Bonanza sheds its Western image
Nov. 6th, 2015
By Lisa Brown via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A Bonanza restaurant opening next week in Eureka marks a new chapter for the buffet and steakhouse chain that once had dozens of local restaurants but then disappeared.

Cowboy-themed art is out, and brighter, contemporary light fixtures and wall décor are in. The menu has been revamped. And the chain chose Eureka to be the site of its first store with this new format.

At its peak in the 1980s, the Bonanza restaurant chain had more than 600 international and domestic locations, including about 25 in the St. Louis region. After its parent company Metromedia bought the rival Ponderosa chain in 1988, most Bonanza franchisees switched to the Ponderosa brand, leaving only about 15 Bonanza restaurants open in the U.S. today.

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